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Good Afternoon - 

Based on the responses to our survey and the current state of COVID-19 cases in Shawnee County, we have decided to transition our 3 year old - high school studio classes to virtual learning for the week of November 30th-December 5th. All links will be posted on the Dancer's Announcements page.

Please make sure your dancer has a safe space to participate in your home that is as free from distractions as possible. We will be taking ample time to transition from class to class so that we can make sure all dancers are connected before we begin. 

At this time our Winter Showcase is still planned for Saturday, December 19th. If you have indicated that you would no longer like your dancer to participate in this show, you will see a Concert credit in your account within the next two weeks. Don’t forget that Winter Showcase costumes are also posted on the Announcements page and additional details regarding show times will be available soon. We will continue to keep you updated regarding this show. 

*Parent Toddler Classes* — You will be receiving a new video this week to supplement your class. As a reminder from last week, set aside time to commit to the entire video without distractions. It is also fun to get the whole family involved! You will not be charged tuition for the month of December as we continue to evaluate when we will be able to transition our Parent Toddler classes back into the studio safely and within the Shawnee County guidelines.

*Adult Classes* — We have made the tough decision to cancel Adult Tap and Adult Hip Hop for the month of December. Adult classes will resume in January and you will not be charged tuition for December. 

*Acro Classes* — Due to the nature of these classes, ALL acro classes are cancelled for this week. We will be scheduling make up classes when we bring all students back to the studio.

*Company, Mini Company, and Performance Company dancers will receive a separate email to supplement this announcement*

As guidelines and COVID-19 cases change weekly, we will send an additional update on Friday, December 4th to indicated our plan for classes for the week of December 7th-12th. It is our plan to get our dancers back into the studio, full time, as soon possible. 

It is our number one goal to keep our dancers safe and DANCING! We thank you for your patience as we roll out our virtual classes for this week and we cannot wait to “see” you all soon! 

Speak to Your Dancer —  It is our job to strictly enforce six foot social distancing within the studio at this time but we need YOUR help. Many dancers feel very comfortable when entering the studio (as do we!) however, with cases on the rise it is even MORE important for us to stay aware. PLEASE speak to your dancers about following the rules.

PLEASE REVIEW!!!!! — At this time, Shawnee County has not exited Phase 3. The following rules still apply for all dancers:

- No parents allowed inside the studio. You must drop your dancer at the door.

- Dancers must sanitize their hands immediately when entering our doors. Dancers must sanitize their hands before leaving the studio.

- Dancers must remove their street shoes at the front door before entering to dilute shoe traffic in the hallway.

- There is no loitering in Fairlawn Plaza at this time so you must leave the mall completely during classes. It is also recommended that you do not arrive for your class more than five minutes prior to the beginning of class and you must leave immediately when class is over.

- We will be using two separate doors as “entrances” into the studio to keep our dancers safely separated.

- Absolutely no sharing of food or water is allowed inside the studio.

- The locker room is CLOSED indefinitely. 

- Dancers are NOT allowed to attend their classes if they exhibiting ANY illness symptoms.

- Bathrooms are for emergencies only. Bathrooms must be sanitized after each use. 


The Dance Factory, Topeka's leading dance studio, creates an exciting, educational, artistic and progressive environment where children, ages 3 - 18, learn the art of dance and expression.  At our dance studio, we instill a passion for dancing in our students that will carry them through life. We don't just teach dance lessons, we teach life lessons.


At our dance studio, we instill a passion for dancing in our students that will carry them through life. We don't just teach dance lessons, we teach life lessons.Dancer from the Dance Factory dance studio in Topeka, Kansas doing splits on railroad tracks - Classes


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Dancer from the Dance Factory dance studio in Topeka, Kansas splits - PROGRAMS


Dancer from the Dance Factory dance studio in Topeka, Kansas jumping over railroad tracks - GALLERIES