2020 Mini Company Details


The Mini Company is a fun program that works to challenge our dancers to improve their technique, skills and creativity, build teamwork, develop sportsmanship, and provide additional performance opportunities.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE MINI COMPANY AND HAVE FURTHER QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    • Arrive at your classes and rehearsals on time, properly dressed, correct shoes and with a positive attitude!
    • Please inform your teacher when you will be absent from class.
    • Respect your teachers.
    • Be kind and encouraging to other team members.
    • Always try your best!


Audition fee is $20 and $45 registration fee is due by Tuesday, May 14th.

Mini Company Audition Class will be held Tuesday, May 14th from 6-6:45pm. 

The dancers chosen for the 2019/2020 season will be posted on the website by Monday, June 3rd.

If a dancer is unable to attend the auditions, or is asked to join the Company after the auditions the $20 audition fee will not be waived. Please email kara@dancefactorynews.com for an alternative evaluation. 


The Mini Company dancers are encouraged to dance all summer long, but only required to attend the following summer classes:

  • Dancers going into Kindergarten - 3 days of summer classes
  • Dancers going into 1st & 2nd grade - 4 days of summer classes

Please purchase your summer classes HERE


Training Camp dates and information coming soon!! Training Camp features classes in jazz, tap, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, stretch & strength, turns and leaps and more, taught by professional choreographers. All Mini Dancers will be required to take THREE classes during Training camp in August.  We will try to schedule all 3 classes on the same weekend if possible.  The schedule will depend on the dates the choreographers are available.

A detailed schedule will be available in late July or early August.

Training Camp fee of $50 is due August 1st.


The Mini Company dancers will be dancing two days during the week, mostly likely on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All of our Mini Company dancers will be enrolled in the CORE class requirements (jazz, ballet and turns and leaps). All other classes the dancers wish to enroll in are listed under Additional Class Options.

The Mini Company dancers do not participate in online enrollment for fall classes, the faculty will enroll them in the appropriate classes after auditions.




JAZZ - dancers will learn a competition dance in this class.





1.75 TOTAL WEEKLY HOURS = $70 per month



Mini Company Dancers may choose to enroll in any of the following classes in addition to their CORE Class Requirements. Please be sure to mark which classes you'd like to enroll in on your Parent Consent Form. We will enroll your dancers in these classes. 

30 MINUTE TAP-Dancers will learn a competition dance in this class $20 per month
30 MINUTE HIP HOP-Dancers will learn a competition dance in this class $20 per month
30 MINUTE CONTEMPORARY- Dancers will learn a competition dance in this class *NEW* $20 per month


ACRO FOR DANCE - Dancers will work on acro technique as well as strength and flexibility. There will not be any competition or May Concert dance associated with this class. $20 per month

All Mini Competition dancers will be placed in a jazz dance. 1st and 2nd grade dances will be placed in 1-4 competition dances.  Kindergarten dancers will be placed in 1-3 competition dances.  Special exceptions will be made based on individual dancers' skill level and experience. If you are wanting your child to participate and we feel they are not ready we will provide an explanation as to why we feel your dancer is not ready to compete in these styles.


The Mini Company is a big commitment, and we expect the Mini Company dancers and their parents to take their attendance very seriously.

The dance season is a August - May time commitment. We ask that you refrain from participating in other activites that conflict with regularly scheduled classes and/or rehearsals for the ENTIRE season.

We enourage only one absence per class, per month.  If a faculty member feels a dancer has missed class and is falling behind a Parent/Guardian will be notified.  Suggestions will be made as to how the dancer can catch up on the cirriculum, which may include but are not limited to scheduling a private lesson.  An extra fee will be charged for a private lesson!


Mini Company dancers who have been on the Mini Company for a minimum of one year are eligible to participate in 1 extra solo, duo, or trio for the 2019/2020 competition season. 

If you would like your dancer to be considered for an extra dance, please email Kara at kara@dancefactorynews  May 1st-August 1st.  You may email requests as to who you would like to have work with your dancer as well as who they would like to be paired with. The facutly will decide what style of dance each individual is ready to participate in as well as who will choreograph and rehearse the dance.  All requests will be taken into consideration!  EVERY DANCE MUST BE TEACHER APPROVED!

If the faculty feels the dancers are not ready for a particular style of dance or for the challenge of something like a solo, we will make other suggestions as to what would be a better "fit" for the dancers. Most dancers will be placed in Duos or Trios for the first year.  There is a chance that we will not allow some dancers to participate in extra dances. If this situation occurs we will provide an explanation as to why we feel those dancers are not ready to compete extra numbers.

Please remember that participating in an extra solo, duo or trio is something that Mini dancers must work for.  If a dancer falls behind in their group dances or misses an excessive number of classes during the week, the rehearsals for the extra dance will be stopped until the faculty feels the dancer is fully caught up in their group dances.

Parents must play an active role in helping their dancers rehearse at home. These dances wil not be rehearsed every week as their group dances are. 

Rehearsals and Fees: 

  • You will schedule all rehearsals with the teacher selected for your solo, duo or trio. You can estimate 2- 30 minute rehearsals per month.
  • You must be willing to pay an hourly rehearsal fee.  This fee will be between $25-$50 depending on the teacher's own hourly rates.
  • These fees will be paid directly to the teacher and may not be billed through your Dance Factory account.
  • The dancers will be allowed to compete their extra dances at the 2 competitions the Mini Company dancers will attend during the 2019/2020 season.
  • The estimated entry fees are $80-$115 PER DANCER.
  • Extra dance entry fees will be due with all group entry fees.



The dancers must be willing to participate in two regional competitions. All fees will be due 4 months prior to the scheduled competition dates. We will try to select two Competitions in the Kansas City area. Once all of the dates are available for the 2019/2020 season we will determine where the dancers will compete. If you have any date conflicts in 2020, please be sure to let us know when you fill out your registration form.

It is a possibility that our dances may compete on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday. We will receive the competition schedule approximately one week before the competition date.

Estimated entry fees:

Group $40-$65 per entry

A $35 directors/procesing fee will be charged for each competition.



The dancers who are going into 2nd grade must be willing to attend 1 convention, however we recommend it for ALL of our Mini Company dancers. Once all of the dates are available for the 2019/2020 season we will determine which convention the dancers will attend.

 The dancers will not compete when they attend the Convention. They will take two half-days of classes. This will require the dancers to travel and spend the night in a hotel.

Dancers can expect to pay between $100-$250 for a convention.

A $35 directors/processing fee will be added to each convention fee.


General costume fees range from $100 to $275 per dance.
Custom made costume fees range from $200-$325 per dance.

Typically Hip Hop costumes are much less expensive than Tap, Contemporary and Jazz costumes. Custom made costumes tend to be more expensive due to extra labor.

Costume fees will cover costumes, rhinestones, headpieces and accessories. Rhinestones and accessories may be billed separately. You will be responsible for rhinestoning your dancer's costume or you may pay one of the faculty members to help you.  There will be an additional fee if you choose to have someone else rhinestone your dancer's costume!

Some costume pieces, headpieces or accessories may be rented for the season. Rentals must be returned at the end of the dance season. Dancers will be billed for the full amount of any rental not returned at the end of the season.

Costume fees will be broken down into 4 seperate payments:

  • June 1st - A costume deposit of $200 per dancer is due
  • July 15th - A $100 deposit, per dance, is due for dancers placed in more than two dances.
  • October 2019 - January 2020 - Once each costume is finalized, dancers will be billed for the remainder of their costume expenses. You will receive an email when your costume fee has been applied to your account. Balances are due upon receipt.



Dancers may be required to purchase the following items:

  • Company Jackets - $100-$125 (Highly Recommended)
  • Company Makeup - Price TBD *new this year* (Required)
  • Eyelashes - $5-$10 (Required) 
  • Chokers - $35-$40
  • Earrings - $11-$15 per pair
  • Shoes - $50-$85 per pair
  • Tights - $15-25 per pair (dancers must have multiple pairs on hand - tights with holes will not be allowed on stage!)


The Company Concert will be held in January of 2020 and the Spring Concert will be in May of 2020. Specific dates are TBA.

Each family must be willing to pay a Concert fee for each show to help pay for the rental of the facility, programs, etc.

Spring Concert fee is $50 due February 1st. 

January Concert fee is $50 due October 1st.



  • 14th - Audition Fee $20
  • 14th - Enrollment/Registraion Fee $45


  • 1st - $200 costume deposit due
  • Summer Classes purchased through our online store!


  • 15th - Costume Deposit for any dancer placed in more than 2 dances ($100 per additional costume)


  • 1st - $50 Training Camp fee due
  • 15th- $125 Small Group Rehearsal Fee due  (only applies to dancers placed in the extra small group dance)


  • 1st - Monthly Tuition
  • 1st - Convention and Entry Fees Due for any January Competitions


  • 1st - Monthly Tuition
  • 1st - Convention and Entry Fees Due for any February Competitions
  • 1st - $50 January Company Concert Fee due


  • 1st - Monthly Tuition
  • 1st - Convention and Entry Fees Due for any March Competitions


  • 1st - Monthly Tuition
  • 1st - Convention and Entry Fees Due for any April Competitions


  • 1st - Monthly Tuition
  • 1st - Convention and Entry Fees Due for any May Competitions


  • 1st - Monthly Tuition
  • 1st - $50 Spring Concert Fee due 


  • 1st - Monthly Tuition


  • 1st - Monthly Tuition


  • 1st - Monthly Tuition

Consent Forms will not be accepted until your balance is current.


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At our dance studio, we instill a passion for dancing in our students that will carry them through life. We don't just teach dance lessons, we teach life lessons.Dancer from the Dance Factory dance studio in Topeka, Kansas doing splits on railroad tracks - Classes


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